Isabella County, Michigan

BOARD OF REVIEW information for Nottawa Township

The Township Board, Board of Review Members, and Equity Assessments, Inc. feel our property owners deserve the highest quality service and satisfaction when it comes to property issues in Nottawa Township. Boards of Review are scheduled early in March, July, and December each year and each meeting addresses different subjects relating to property ownership. Before each meeting, we will be posting different types of information in this space as needed or required. At any time, for any questions regarding property issues in Nottawa Township, please contact Equity Assessments, Inc. – Denise Hall at 989-644-3413 or Kory Mindel – Township Supervisor.


Please contact the assessor or township supervisor with any questions or comments.


Township Hall: 3024 West Weidman Rd., Weidman, MI 48893
Mailing Address: 1668 N. Gilmore Rd., Weidman, MI 48893